2017-12-26 Elly Striptekening 178


177/ Flay 1

2017-12-26 Elly Striptekening 177

175/ Wonders of Baking Soda

2017-12-21 Elly Striptekening 175

Song: Wish I was more fun

My highest purpose in life is to, at some point, just be in my body and mind and to be OK with it, not needing anything from the outside. With all the people partying at the local carnival and me feeling more and more disconnected from people at the moment the words ‘I wish I was more fun’ came up and there was suddenly a new song ♥ That is a rare occasion nowadays. Click here or on the photo below to see the song and video.

I don’t like the taste of alcohol, I don’t drink and don’t do drugs and I don’t really get why people do those things. I’d prefer people to be sober so we can really just BE together. It sometimes takes guts to allow yourself to just be and the conversation feels more real to me. I realized as I was writing the song that I sometimes use food or sugar as a drug and though sugar isn’t deemed as dangerous as drugs (just yet) it’s still very addictive to me. So I’m a bit of a hypocrite in this song, I confess but I am also human, so there you go ♥

2018-02-13 Wish I was more fun PIJL

174/ You’re beautiful

2017-12-19 Elly Striptekening 174.jpg

I learned a great lesson about myself talking to this person. I sometimes start pointing out negative details about myself whenever I get a compliment. Like ‘This drawing is great’ – “Yes thank you, but the hands could’ve been drawn better”. Like I’m never good enough or whatever I do is never good enough. And in pointing that out I take away from the positive experience someone else is having about me or my drawing. So next time I’m just gonna be pleased someone else is enjoying me or my work so much! ♥

173/ Craniosacral Massage

2017-12-18 Elly Striptekening 173

171/ Relationship accomplishments

2017-12-05 Elly Striptekening 171.jpg

170/ Moodswings

2017-11-09 Elly Striptekening 170

169/ Stuffing my face

2017-10-30 Elly Striptekening 169