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Creatieve Vlo draws about matters of the heart and mind; sex, dating, emotions, mental issues, food, darkness & light.

2017-10-30 Elly Striptekening 169


168/ Self-sabotage

2017-10-30 Elly Striptekening 168.JPG

179/ Freezing

2017-12-30 Elly Striptekening 179.jpg

172/ Less comics

2017-12-18 Elly Striptekening 172.jpg

167/ Food & Diets

2017-10-21 Elly Striptekening 167.JPG

It seems when I focus too much on food it makes me want the unhealthy foods more. It seems the more I let go and trust that my body knows what’s best works better for me. Not to obsess over food, when it’s so easy to fall back into obsessive behavior. The black and white may seem easier in the short run but the grey in between is the best spot for healthy balance and long term results.

Poeldieren 4

2017-09-03 Elly Striptekening Poeldieren 4

The last drawing I made for Eva Luijkx's birthday. Her original poeldieren translate to a mud pool creature and I enjoyed very much to let myself have contact with them. This is me at the big mud sale. I'm saying to the creature "Wow! So... I should get even prettier from this mud mask?"  And the mud pool creature replies: "Sure".

166/ We have lost our heart

2017-10-13 Elly Striptekening 166

I eat meat and fish, though not everyday and not heaps of it and to be honest I feel guilt and shame after and sometimes even as I'm doing it. So I'm not a vegetarian and I have shoes from leather. Slowly myself and others are getting more and more aware of what is happening and how wrong the food industries are currently. The old food patterns that we still follow could be changed in something more loving for all of us living and breathing creatures. ♥

Poeldieren 3

2017-09-03 Elly Striptekening Poeldieren 3

This is the third drawing I created for the birthday of my friend Eva Luijkx from Atelier DeLuxe. Her original poeldieren translate to something like a mud pool creature and I put myself in a space with them. Here I'm saying to the creature "I thought I'd give you something festive!" and he responds: "Gee, thanks".

165/ Explosion Risk

2017-10-13 Elly Striptekening 165

We all have those days I guess... Right?

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