Shave & Behave

Shave, behave and be beautiful
Life at times can be hard
Us can't go anywhere unsuspected
Us cannot burp and cannot fart

Chins go up as we wonder
Why we all end up saying 'cheese'
When we don't like any of it
Thank you but not thank you please

Look at the hair on my body
It's been there, it's gone and it always returns
There's no use trying to push it directions
it has it's own will, that's what I learned

I could wonder what we're up against
'Cause I'm sure the enemy is in us
We're running around and for what I ask you
There is no use, to all this fuss

But still I shave and I try to behave
Thinking life shouldn't be hard
I'd like to scratch when I can, though I'll look like a man
I'd like to burp and I'd like to fart

So why cut back on whatever's growing
Why make light what's dark and dark what light
Make bigger what's small and fake it all
And make-up as if for a fight

Should I shave and behave, when I'm already beautiful
Should I smile, pretend and say yes
I wanna go anywhere unsuspected
I wanna live, shaking my ass

BY ELLY KELLNER 08-02-2004

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