My insanity was driving me off the cliff so fast
I could’ve gone that road, quietly, but things they wouldn’t last
I would’ve been right there on the spot, for everyone to see
Playing all night long, the fabulous kind, meanwhile be losing me

You see brain is so oh oh,
Is so dangerously vulnerable

The tunes were great, but fate was driving me of the wall
And there’s a point when all, all of that, it makes no sense at all
You see people live, breathing, like it comes naturally
That’s all I wanted, needed, needed to breathe

Because brain is so oh oh,
Is so dangerously vulnerable

So I’m stepping back and letting it go
If you need to walk that road, then go go go
I’ll stay here and I’ll stay sane
I’ll be good, good, good, good, I’ll remain

I might not be a star but I shine so bright
It can brighten up my night
And that’s good enough here
We aren’t stars but we shine so bright
We can brighten each others night

And that’s enough here
It’s enough

BY ELLY KELLNER 05-05-2005