Hit him with a broomstick 
 But I ain't no witch 
 Some would beg to differ 
 Was she a bitch 
 Oh but only if I needed to be 
 And with us it was needed 
 Hit him with the broomstick 
 Brush it all away 
 I wouldn't go back there 
 Even if you begged me today 
 There is screams in your eternal silence 
 And your dreams seem so far to hold dear 
 And I was like a statue, holding my breath 
 Waiting for you to come near 
 Pigeons sat on my head 
 Pood on my face 
 I stood still for ages 
 We were a disgrace 
 Oh but only when the statue cracked 
 And the mask fell off, I could see 
 Even in my wildest dreams 
 You and I could never, never ever be

BY ELLY KELLNER 11-05-2007