Deugdelijk – Decent

Ellybellyrep: “This is my body, I am thankful that I have one and I am the one that decides what clothes I put on it. Everybody gets to be themselves!” You can download this song here:

“I’m distracted by that dress, is the back of the dress longer than the front!? And what sort of legging is that!? And those shoes! We’re only saying these things because we think your music is so good. If only you’d wear a small heel, doesn’t have to be a spiked heel, but a small heel and if you wore a sleeve you would have made it bigger in the music business already! Take Ella Fitzgerald as an example. She was a big lady too and she wore beautiful garments!”

Elly Kellner got this feedback after a concert in September 2014 from a man and a woman. First she listened to what they wanted to tell her and then she stood their sobbing. Elly is just a girl with a heart and a soul. An extremely musical, curvy woman, overweight yes, with chronic pains yes. She exercises, laughs, creates, eats healthy, eats unhealthy, she is all the colours of the rainbow and she wears the clothes that she wants. The astonishment after hearing the big focus on appearances and the advice to cover up her upper arms, resulted in a new song ‘Deugdelijk’ or ‘Decent’. Together with the Ellybellyrep Dancers a video was recorded and it has become a plea for ‘live and let live’ and Positive Body Image. ‘Deugdelijk’ is approached with humor the message is clear: “This is my body, I am thankful that I have one and I am the one that decides what clothes I put on it. Everybody gets to be themselves!”

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PS: The outfit that started all this off can be seen in the cow scene. Although Elly didn’t wear rubber boots on stage…

Ellybellyrep Dancers zijn:
– Elly Kellner
– Dorrit Withagen
– Lotte Jisdroon
– Emmely Tunders
– Anne van Eijck
– Marieke Alleman

Choreography: Emmely Tunders & Elly Kellner
Concept & Production: Elly Kellner
Music & Vocals: Elly Kellner

Filmed on 20th & 22nd November 2014 in the beautiful town of Bergen op Zoom (The Netherlands).

Special thanks to:
– Boerderijwinkel Den Hof:
– Fietsatelier Guldemond:
– Zwembad de Schelp:
– Drop-in Skateteam:
– Muziekwinkel De Waterput:
– Der Fantastische Fonz Plonz
– Michael Vrolijk
РJos̩ Zwiers


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