Pudding, the hand puppet that I started making at the end of last year, is still a work in progress. He already had arms but they weren’t functional so I had to think of another way to fix it and ladies & gentlemen, now he does have good arms! Now he needs to get some clothes on as well ’cause a naked cat is not something he wants to be.


To be naked can sometimes be a real challenge but… I did do it myself recently for artist Rem van den Bosch. His mission in 2015 is to find a new muse for every day of the year and collect 365 beautiful, inspiring photographs to be shown at an exposition in 2016; there will also be a book made with all the muses.

More informatie about Rem: http://www.remvandenbosch.com

Or have a look at the special website for this amazing project: www.amuseaday.com