100/ It drains me


It happens to be Mental Health Awareness Week. I made this drawing some 2 months ago as I work ahead. But all my work, whether it'd be a song or a drawing is biographical and this is too. This year has been hard so far, harder than usual. Mental illness combined with fibromyalgia makes a bad thing worse. But I'm still here. And I draw. It gives me pleasure to see that I can express my feelings and make them visible. Because both mental illness and fibro aren't visible and the stigma is big. Bless your heart if you're reading this, be kind to yourself and tomorrow is another day ♥

8 thoughts on “100/ It drains me

  1. Its great to see someone who knows how to deal with it Elly. I am sure I have some mental issues (anxiety attacks and some variation of depression), but except when I am over those phases, I do not know how to deal with them and I do not wish to see a doctor either. And the worst thing is being aware that I have something like it. Kind of weird.

    Anyway, great work again.

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    • Thank you, this drawing looks totally different from my other stuff so I really appreciate your compliment! ♥ I’m getting better at dealing with it, not fighting it and trying to stay in the here and now, being mild to myself, care for myself in those moments as one would for a child that needs love and attention.

      Hey, I’m happy you sharing a little bit of yourself here too. I can imagine how weird that must be, to be aware but unable to change how you deal with it! I myself, when I’m feeling good, tend to totally forget that I’ve ever been so low. That’s tricky as it makes the fall feel bigger. The other way around I also have that when I’m down that rabbit hole I don’t remember and can’t imagine that I’ve ever felt happy and good. This is something I’ve been aware about for a couple of years now and am slowly learning to remind myself ‘This too shall pass’ – that helps to remind myself of this.

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      • Thanks Elly, I appreciate your thoughts. I know people say that – it will pass, but when I am down these words do not help at all. I feel as if the life in itself is futile, yet I am afraid of the end and so on. It is very weird and hard to describe with words. I also keep thinking how different life would have been, had I not met her (again if you read my blog and the story, you might find it amusing or even annoying, as I barely had a relationship with her. Yet the point in time in my life it happened etc. made it very significant). I wish it was easier to understand or explain. That is most of my frustration actually.

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