I am on Patreon! ♥

2017-06-23 Elly Striptekening 137 square VLO OP HOOFD met pijl.jpg

I am on Patreon!  It's almost one year since I started drawing comics with myself in the lead and I feel now is the time to take an extra step forward and see what will happen. If you have enjoyed my colorful and honest drawings so far and you like to get a real insight into a quirky girls brain, becoming a patron on my Patreon page is just the thing for you. It's like a tipjar with added perks for the patrons. 

Everything I draw comes online on this website about a month and a half later, so there is a delay. This is because I sometimes draw quite a lot in one go. On Patreon you get the chance to see the comics as and when they are finished. That way you get even more of an insight as my life evolves. Besides that there are photos of sketches and videos of the creative process, to show you how I work. And in the next couple of weeks there will also be some coloring pages for download. For big fans there is the chance to collaborate with me as they can provide me with a new idea for the comic.

How does Patreon work? If you want access to the exclusive content and see my work way before others do you can sign up to become my patron. Just choose how much you want to pledge per month (even $1 makes a difference and you can pay with Paypal or creditcard). You are free to edit or cancel your pledge anytime you want. ♥

Want to know more? Visit my Patreon page ♥
Have more questions about being a patron? Visit the FAQ page ♥

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