The Creatieve Vlo is also known as Elly Kellner. (Vlo means flea in Dutch). In a creative flow Elly
can get itchy and when she scratches all sorts of creative and musical things can happen and come into existence.

Do you know someone who is into colorful, funny drawings about all the darker and lighter things in life; sex, food, mental issues, love? Invite them to follow me here or on Facebook because they don't know what they're missing!

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2017-03-18 Elly SQUARE.jpg
Besides being creative Elly is also a musician. 

As a singer-songwriter she welcomes all emotions, like guests in her Inn and she plays a 4-string guitar. Several albums are available, with both English and Dutch songs. She has worked with Canadian troubadour Shannon Lyon and sang with the band Matthews Southern Comfort. Iain Matthews had this band in the 60's and scored a big hit with Joni Mitchell's song Woodstock. Do you want to know more about Elly's music? Check her website: