Good arms and being nude

Pudding, the hand puppet that I started making at the end of last year, is still a work in progress. He already had arms but they weren’t functional so I had to think of another way to fix it and ladies & gentlemen, now he does have good arms! Now he needs to get some clothes on as well ’cause a naked cat is not something he wants to be.


To be naked can sometimes be a real challenge but… I did do it myself recently for artist Rem van den Bosch. His mission in 2015 is to find a new muse for every day of the year and collect 365 beautiful, inspiring photographs to be shown at an exposition in 2016; there will also be a book made with all the muses.

More informatie about Rem:

Or have a look at the special website for this amazing project:


Pudding is born!

For quite a while I was thinking of making my own hand puppet. Never done that before but I thought it would be fun! My puppet builder example and inspiration is Adam Kreutinger, he’s made many hand puppets en has a very clear online turorial. This video showed me how to get started and later I added more personal touches.

Yesterday Pudding was born! 13 December 2014 he received his eyes so he could look into the world for the very first time. I am in love. Today I gave him his teeth so he can eat and live. He’s not finished yet. Like myself he is a work in progress  but he already makes me giggle. I am super pleased with what he looks like! 2014-12-14 Pudding the Handpuppet (3)

Living in a box

In the foyer of Theater de Wegwijzer in Nieuw- en St.Joosland (Netherlands, Zeeland) there are several wooden boxes created by artists that performed there. Here is mine… Do visit the intimate and cosy theater for a nice show and have a look at all the boxes 🙂2013 21 oktober Elly's doos voor Theater de Wegwijzer

Pimp your fridge!

This was so much fun to do and I love the end results! Sticky plastic in all sorts of colors and then decide whatever you want to create ☺

2010 dec - Diepvries & Wasmachine

Puss in boots

A puss in boots made by… someone else (unknown) and I painted it with acrylic paint. I just love how he turned out! ☺

2010 Gelaarsde Kat  - Geschilderd EK voor en na


I created several of these Rainbowbirds. They came to exist spontaneously when experimenting with sheepwool and Paverpol. BIRD 3 - BIRD 9 - baby in nest -  Rainbow Baby Bird 1BIRD 5 -