2018-04-07 Elly Striptekening 190


189/ My unexpected & sudden crush (2)

2018-03-29 Elly Striptekening 189

135/ VIDEO – Sketching & inking

See how I sketch and ink a little bit in this short video. Did you ever have a go with indian ink yourself? I’m curious! Let me know ♥

134/ VIDEO – Reincarnation

I have another video for you! This time I am showing how I created my Reincarnation comic and in the voice over I talk about butterflies having sex and blackbirds with orange wigs. Hit the like button if you do like this and I’d be chuffed if you leave a comment here. ♥



133/ VIDEO – How I create my comic strip

If you’re curious to see how I create my comics, have a look at this video that I made to give you an insight in the process. Do let me know how you like it, hit the like button on Youtube or leave a comment here. Have a wonderful day!

Art vs. artist

2018-04-11 Meet the artist.jpg

#artvsartist This tag is going around at the moment and I thought it be nice if I showed you all my face in relation to my drawings. Inspiration has been lower the past half year but I do keep trying to delve into my feelings and thoughts and to make that into an image.