218/ Debby

2018-12-16 Elly striptekening 218.JPG

All of us, souls in a body
Wanted to experience everything of life
Wanted the light and the dark
Wanted to give all the love

And I see your strength, your softness
I feel your mother's heart, your wishes
I am thankful that you are here
Kind, beautiful and unique human being

Elly Kellner



211/ Shy mouse

2018-10-16 Elly Striptekening 211.jpg

Art vs. artist

2018-04-11 Meet the artist.jpg

#artvsartist This tag is going around at the moment and I thought it be nice if I showed you all my face in relation to my drawings. Inspiration has been lower the past half year but I do keep trying to delve into my feelings and thoughts and to make that into an image.

182/ Prickly Combo

2018-01-25 Elly Striptekening 182

Prickly. Or bristly. Or grouchy. You choose whichever, I don’t mind…