Fat babe

2018-07-23 Split twee fotos.jpg

Here’s two photos of me jumping into the air after cooling off at the waterside with two of my dearest friends. The weather has been extremely warm here in the Netherlands; about 85 degrees Fahrenheit or 30 Celsius. It’s not what we’re used to here and afterwards I posted these photos on my Instagram with a note: “Just before this day ends I want to add words and these two darling photos of me. I am so happy with the dear people that I have around me. ♡ I can totally be myself with you; with my head that is sometimes consumed with dark thoughts and traumas from the past and with my body that sometimes hurts and changes its appearance over time. Today I felt no pain but only holiday vibes with you. Thank you, you know who you are ♡”

I received some replies about the usage of the hashtag #fatbabe and #bodypositivity. I also used the hashtags #fibromyalgia and #redhead but no-one is bothered when I use those. There are people who really don’t like the word FAT. A guy commented I wasn’t fat but curvy, I guess he knows better than my doctor right? I am Class II obese and I have plenty of fat. Someone else stated that if I was to post something about body positivity then it shouldn’t just be about fat. Well, to me body positivity is all about feeling peace with your body and your being. Embracing yourself as you are and if someone wants to change something about themselves, they should feel free to do so for whatever reason. If someone wants to stay just as they are that is cool too. It is their body, their rules and it’s nobody else’s business. Body positivity is all inclusive; it is here for all genders and non gender folks of all ages. It is for the thin, fat, black, white, mentally ill, handicapped, strong, weak, tall and small people; it’s for everybody! So I happen to have fat, I suffer from fibromyalgia and I have red hair. Therefore these are the things I draw, write and sing about. I have come such a long way, through child abuse, neglect and negative brainwashing in my teens and I just speak about what I know, me, nothing more and nothing less.

Social media is a bit like everyone has their own little garden. Anybody can have a peek in the gardens and they can like and even comment on the contents of each garden. So I have roses in my garden but I find them so cool that I gave them a new name: fat babes. Someone walking past my garden will see the nice roses and then maybe frown when reading the new name tag I added. “That is not the original name! It shouldn’t be called fat because roses aren’t fat, roses are beautiful! And it shouldn’t be called babes because they are flowers! Etc…” Well… remember, it is my garden. And I can do anything I choose to in my garden. Feel free to look at it, smell the flowers or feel free to lift your nose up in disgust and walk on by. Do all that. You don’t have to visit my garden if you don’t like it. And also, you don’t have to piss on my garden just because you dislike it. So my social media pages and websites are open to anybody who is interested but I don’t exist in this online realm to facilitate a discussion forum. My online presence did not spring into life just so people could start a rant. In my online space I stand on guard in order for it to remain a positive place for myself and others who visit and who know the direction I’m going with this.


Everybody is on their own path in life with their own struggles, even if they are invisible, and each and everyone of us deserves respect. I am just me, myself and I; singing, writing, drawing and creating. I share what I create, no matter what: it’s my art. When you visit my pages or website please enjoy and like it and if you don’t enjoy then move along. My flowers with special names cannot flourish when being peed on, they have had enough shit through the years and they can only flourish with positivity and an open heart. ♥ And I have plenty of space for the latter.

Have a bright day!


Art vs. artist

2018-04-11 Meet the artist.jpg

#artvsartist This tag is going around at the moment and I thought it be nice if I showed you all my face in relation to my drawings. Inspiration has been lower the past half year but I do keep trying to delve into my feelings and thoughts and to make that into an image.

Crumble Cult interviewed me!

Tony Single from Crumble Cult did an interview about my comics and other things that make me smile. I love how it turned out!

ELLY: Yes, to me a penis definitely has a certain charm (as an entity of its own) and I also find them aesthetically pleasing, just like ladybugs, boobs, trees and birds. […]

Comfy Confabs: Elly Kellner

Hullo, Dear Reader. Welcome to what shall hopefully become an ongoing feature where I pester fellow creatives to chat about themselves and their process of birthing art.

As many of you would already know, art can and does take many forms. Sure, it can be a standard landscape on a gallery wall, but it can also pop up as a stirring folk song or taboo busting webcomic. Art doesn’t need permission to appear however it wants. As long as people from different walks of life are making it then it’s going to bust preconceptions wherever it goes.

There’s someone who was born in Antwerp that I’d like you to meet. She’s half Flemish, half Dutch, and she lives in the Netherlands. I’m not sure if she paints scenes of the countryside but she definitely sings songs and draws comics, ergo she’s an artist. So, hey, let’s break out the billiard chalk and buff our eyes for the click clack of words that follow…

TONY: Welcome, Elly Kellner. I’ve spent the morning listening to your rather pleasant vocal stylings at Creatieve Vlo. You see, I hadn’t even realised that you’re an accomplished singer ’til I tore my eyes away from your comics to find a clearly visible Music tab at the top of your site. As soon as I clicked on that… Well, all I can say is my hearing aid did a little flip of approval! How long have you been singing for?

ELLY: Well I’m glad you liked what you hear! Gosh, I’ve sang ever since I can remember! And when I was 9 years old I started picking up the guitar and after a while songs magically started to appear in my head.

TONY: Wow! What kinds of things were you singing about at that age? Do you remember?

ELLY: I read a lot of books from the library then and would sometimes be inspired by things I read, for instance a story about a girl that got run over by a car and died. I first performed my own song ‘Rain’ in music class at age twelve. It described the sun smiling at a dark rover (a dark cloud with a gun) as he took over the night shift and looked down on us with a grumpy frown. And how his rain made my clothes all wet and how I wished to be home beside the warm fire.

TONY: It’s clear that you had quite an active imagination from a very young age. And empathy too. Where do you think that empathy came from? Was yours an idyllic childhood?

ELLY: Oh dear, idyllic? No, my upbringing was like a fairy tale to me, filled with monsters, witches and much darkness. I was just trying to find out if I was the only one going through what I experienced. I left home at age 15 and lived ‘ever after’ and I still put a lot of energy and focus into the ‘happily’ part every day.

TONY: Yes, people do tend to forget that fairy tales were a lot darker back in the day. I’m glad you were able to find a way out of yours into a much happier story. So, what things make you happy these days?

ELLY: The first that comes to mind is drawing! It was my first creative love as a child but as soon as the music appeared my focus shifted and drawing took the backseat. But now, after some 30 years of focusing on making music my inspiration has decided to not come out in songs anymore. I spent a year without inspiration and then it suddenly came to me in images! It’s a bit scary seeing my dear friend ‘Music’ wander off… but I’m happy my long lost friend ‘Drawing’ came back to me as a replacement. In July 2016 I started creating my own comic and it’s been a fun journey so far!

I’m also quite proud of the give away shop that a friend and I set up a year and a half ago. The shop is open to the public to come shopping for free or to drop off things they don’t use anymore and that someone else may be happy with. It’s a great joy and shows the light side of life; everything in the shop we received from kind people including the shop interior and even the space where our shop is we may use for free. I find that’s pretty amazing! I’ve recently left the shop to focus more on my drawing and it is now run by my friend and six volunteers but the whole thing just proves to me that if you set out to do good and ask for help people are very willing to support you.

TONY: How on earth did you come up with the idea of a give away shop? That’s a quiet kind of genius that could change the world!

ELLY: Here in the Netherlands we have about 40 give away shops so for most of us it’s a normal thing. Of course there are special places all around the world for the needy and poor (I assume?) but a give away shop is for everyone! Even someone who has enough money may enjoy up-cycling and durability. They may enjoy rummaging through old clothes and finding that one gem!

TONY: I don’t think we have an equivalent to be honest. The closest perhaps are the charity shops here that sell second hand essentials at severely reduced prices. I prefer the Netherlands’s approach though. It feels more generous! Do you give away books as well? And what books do you personally love to read? Do you have a favourite author?

ELLY: Yes people can pick books as well as DVDs and some choose to return them once they´re done with them. Hmm, Haruki Murakami´s Kafka on the Shore remains a favorite as is Alice in Wonderland. I don´t read much though, I don´t have the peace in me to quietly sit and read.

TONY: Which explains why you have your fingers in so many creative pies in a way. So, could you tell me a little about your webcomic, and how and why you started it?

ELLY: I guess I’ve always needed a creative outlet to let off steam about my day to day experiences and emotions. I used to put it all in my songs but since that musical inspiration went on a holiday I just had to find something else. I slowly started getting images in my head and tried to draw me! It took a while before I found the right way to draw me.

We have to take into consideration that I’ve never much read any comics before, I had no interest in it whatsoever, except as a child I read the Donald Duck and old Flintstones comics. And I don’t research stuff, I just do it my way. It was the same with music making and writing songs, I just gave it a go and didn’t research what others were doing or how it was meant to be done. And I quite like that tactic in life.

With drawing it works the same… I do follow artists on Instagram, and I just discovered Chuckdrawsthings who draws pigeons that make me laugh or gets me teary eyed sometimes. It can be very inspiring but I don’t want it to influence me too much. The main thing I draw about is me. Anything I draw in these Creatieve Vlo web comics is about my experiences and my feelings. With dating and trying out a polyamorous lifestyle there was enough stuff happening to draw about so I started off with that. Positive body image, me being silly, my relationship with food, mental issues and life with its darker and lighter moments also come into view. And then I have many more ideas to work on…

TONY: Has drawing your strip been as satisfying as you’d hoped it would be? What are some elements of it that you wish to develop going forward?

ELLY: As I’m getting more practice and seeing there’s development in the drawings it gets more and more satisfying. But also, I have so many ideas to draw and it’s just so much fun to get it out on paper and see it actually work! I’d like to keep trying to be open and honest in my work, so try to go into the core, to areas that many would possibly recognize but not many would openly talk about. That way I can be of some help I hope! I think hurt starts the moment one thinks he or she is alone in it. And it can be very comforting to realize there’s many more people feeling the same as you do. I have more ideas that go more towards the ridiculous, talking poop or talking penises for instance. They seem to lead a life of their own so I’ve started drawing them too. I bet they’re very pleased with me.

TONY: I’ll bet they are too! In fact, you mention penises, and there’s something I’ve noticed with that. I get the distinct impression that you are completely enamoured of them! Is this the case? I ask because you seem to draw them on a regular basis.

ELLY: Yes, to me a penis definitely has a certain charm (as an entity of its own) and I also find them aesthetically pleasing, just like ladybugs, boobs, trees and birds. The penis is just another beautiful thing in this world that I enjoy drawing. Now this isn’t a shout out for males, ladybugs or trees to come tug at my sleeve so they can model in the nude for me. No thank you, don’t call us, we’ll call you…

TONY: Yes, this isn’t a cattle call, Dear Readers. Elly’s doing just fine, thanks very much. Well, I guess all that remains is for me to thank you for taking part in this interview. Is there a question that you wish I’d asked?

ELLY: Hmm, did you ask about where the name Creatieve Vlo came from?

TONY: Oh my god. Yes! Of course! That!

ELLY: Creatieve Vlo is Dutch for creative flea! Sometimes when I get a creative idea it’s like it’s an itch that needs to be scratched or dealt with asap. Once I was telling a friend that I was in a good flow with so many creative plans while I was thoughtlessly scratching my head. He smiled and commented that I might have the creative flea. So I really owe the name to this friend.


The original piece can be found here: Comfy Confabs: Elly Kellner — Crumble Cult

92/ Full head


I wasn’t doing so well when I made this one and it sort of represents what it felt like in my head.

Deelboz bij Zuidwest TV

2016-05-27 Deelboz FB pagina play

(Klik op bovenstaande foto om de video te bekijken op de website van ZuidwestTV)

Een mooi en duidelijk interview en kijkje in doorgeefwinkel het Deelboz in Bergen op Zoom! Het is zo speciaal dat Debby en ik in samenwerking met het Doe-centrum dit zo goed van de grond hebben kunnen krijgen. Hier word ik heel erg blij van ♥

Doorgeefwinkel Deelboz

Bergen op Zoom krijgt haar eigen doorgeefwinkel! Debby en ik hebben een mooie locatie aangeboden gekregen in het vernieuwde Doe-centrum in Bergen op Zoom. Gemeente Bergen op Zoom heeft begin 2015 Stichting AanZet aangesteld om een nieuwe start te maken met het centrum en dagaktiviteitencentrum ‘t Cromwiel is inmiddels ook gevestigd in het gebouw. Wij zijn nu uitgenodigd om ons Deelboz een plaatsje te geven in het Doe-Centrum en we zijn enorm blij met deze kans!

We maken een stille opstart en de officiële opening hopen we voor begin december te kunnen plannen. In de tussentijd zijn we dus wél open maar in opbouw; we verzamelen benodigdheden en kasten/rekken om alle weggeefspulletjes in te etaleren, het is al mogelijk om tijdens openingsuren donaties te brengen én zie je iets dat je leuk vind in de winkel dan mag je het mee naar huis nemen!

2014-09-28 Deelboz tekening rond strak uitgesneden kleinDEELBOZ

De naam Deelboz komt van Voz. Voz woont in het Deelboz en houdt erg van spelen en delen. Omdat zijn huisje zo vol stond met spulletjes kon hij niet meer spelen en werd het tijd om op te ruimen. Zo ontstond het Deelboz!

Ons logo en de stoere Voz werden getekend door een echte striptekenaar:        Wouter Goudswaard!

Like en deel onze Facebook pagina om meer bekendheid te geven aan het Deelboz: www.facebook.com/deelboz

– Het Deelboz is voor iedereen (niet alleen voor minima).
– Er mag gegeven en gekregen worden. Het één kan los staan van het ander.
– Er is geen sprake van ruilen.
– Om te zorgen dat wij op onze locatie kunnen blijven is het toch nodig geld in te zamelen. Om deze reden is enkel voor kleding een prijskaartje van 50 eurocent per stuk, alle overige artikelen zijn gratis.
– Ook zullen we regelmatig een rommelmarkt organiseren met gedoneerde artikelen om op die manier ons voortbestaan te kunnen blijven garanderen.
– We zijn heel blij met donaties.

– We accepteren artikelen die in goede staat én schoon zijn.
– Grote meubelstukken of kasten kunnen wij niet aannemen. Leidraad is ‘kun je het in je eentje makkelijk dragen, dan is het welkom in Deelboz’. Wél hebben we op Facebook een speciale Facebookbookgroep waar je grotere spullen zelf gratis kunt doorgeven.
– Voor een aantal artikelen geldt een beperking voor het aantal dat je per week mag inleveren. Ook is er geregeld een stop op het aannemen van bepaalde artikelen of wordt er kritischer gekeken. Op het krijtbord in Deelboz staat dit aangegeven.
– Bezoekers / handelaren waarvan blijkt dat zij meegenomen spullen doorverkopen, bijvoorbeeld via internet of op een rommelmarkt, zijn niet meer welkom bij Deelboz.
– Vanzelfsprekend worden gestolen goederen niet ingenomen. Bij twijfel wordt er aangifte gedaan bij de politie.
– Vanaf 16 jaar kunnen jongeren zonder begeleiding de winkel bezoeken.
– Honden zijn niet welkom in de doorgeefwinkel, uitgezonderd hulphonden en blindengeleidehonden.


I made this video for Inspiration4youth Bergen op Zoom and the youthdepartment of United by Passion. All in Dutch for the Dutchies I’m afraid.

Ik maakte voor Inspiration4youth Bergen op Zoom én de jeugdafdeling van United by Passion dit filmpje. Het doel: zo veel mogelijk mensen inspireren om de positieve realiteit naar de jeugd te brengen. Wat kun je zelf doen om de jeugd te inspireren?

Fitness Audition

I just love to create things in general! From music to audio stories to silly videos. About a year ago I filmed this video with a couple of my friends. Due to some computer trouble and losing files I wasn’t able to finish the editing process but now it is finally finished. Do enjoy this absurd video ☺

Homerus Kasteel Voorproefje

This project was in Dutch but here’s a short explanation: I was asked to film a special project. A young boy Homerus wanted to build a castle and Rien Slagter said he’d help him. I filmed the process. This is just a preview. (Update 2017 – unfortunately due to circumstances I’ve not finished this project).

Ik ben gevraagd om een bijzonder project vast te leggen. Van een jongetje dat graag een kasteel in zijn tuin wilde hebben en mijnheer Slagter die hem daarbij ging helpen. Bekijk hier alvast het voorproefje:

My fathers drawing (1975)

1975 – This drawing was made by my father who sometimes made drawings on commission, usually with a photo as example. I don’t know who the people are on this drawing but it was made in the antiques shop my parents had in Antwerp (Belgium). My brother was two years old and I would be born about one year later. It is nice to see creativity runs in our family.

1975 - Mijn vaders tekening