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You broke it and returned it

I’ve started writing in English again, my heart wants to. Here’s a demo for a new song


I wrapped it in soft linen
And I placed it on the table
I made sure the table’s sturdy
I made sure it wouldn’t fall

I watched it as you picked it up
Caressed it, held it in your arms
And I closed my eyes a moment
To let it sink in

And every so often I would
Pick it up to check it
It looked perfect like it did
When I put it there

Then I saw you hold it with a frown
And quickly after you put it down
And we watched
As it fell to the floor

You said you didn’t care for it at this time
And you want to return what is rightfully mine
And you broke it before you returned it

You said it doesn’t do it for me anymore
So I don’t know what I would be doing it for
So I broke it and I’m returning it
You said you can have it back, coz it’s broken anyway

Zinken & Zweven (2016)

2016-03-14 CD hoes DIGITAAL Voorkant KLEINERToen singer-songwriter Elly Kellner negen jaar oud was schreef ze heel waarschijnlijk haar eerste liedje. In 2014 bleek ze haar duizendste lied te hebben geschreven ‘Zo Lief’ en in het jaar daarop wilde ze graag een Nederlandstalige plaat maken. Er waren teveel songs om uit te kiezen en van dit luxeprobleem maakte ze een klein feestje door eind 2015 haar eigen songfestival te organiseren. Na de eerste voorselectie bleven er twintig liedjes over waar de publieksjury punten aan gaf. De tien hoogst scorende vind je op haar nieuwe album Zinken & Zweven; de volgorde is geen willekeur maar ook gebaseerd op de uitslag van de jury. ‘In M’n Buik’ en ‘Liefde Te Geven’ delen samen de eerste plaats, nummers 11 en 12 zijn bonustracks die Elly graag extra wilde toevoegen.

Zinken & Zweven is te beluisteren via Bandcamp, via Spotify en iTunes. Of je kunt het album direct bij Elly bestellen voor €15,- (exclusief verzendkosten).

Mandoline, Bas, Drums, Percussie, Gitaren: Elektrisch, Akoestisch, Ebow, Resonator

Akoestische Gitaar, Zang, Fitnessbal, Belly Rub, Elektrische Gitaar bij ‘De Toren’ en ‘Slaap Je Inspiratie’, Casio bij ‘Slaap Je Inspiratie’

Productie: BJ Baartmans en Elly Kellner
Tekst, Muziek & Artwork: Elly Kellner
Illustratie: Eliza Klein

Opname, Mix & Master: Studio Wildverband, Boxmeer
Opgenomen in de winter 2015/2016

The Creatives

You rarely see or hear them. They sit in their houses with cups of tea, buzzing ideas and many unanswered questions. Their eyes seek and find, their brains create and unwind. Among the 66.000 inhabitants of the Burgundian city of Bergen op Zoom (The Netherlands) there are many Creatives silently at work. And when it’s done… it is there for the whole world to see while they are already working on the next thing. Artists, musicians, thinkers and do-ers each filling their spot in this quaint place. For this video we were able to ‘catch’ and portray eight Creatives but ofcourse there are several more to be found in the wild. Seek, and ye shall find.

‘The Creatives’ was written by singer-songwriter Elly Kellner 4th July 2015. All creatives were then filmed in Bergen op Zoom (The Netherlands) by singer-songwriter Elly Kellner at the end of 2015/start of 2016. Please visit each artist personal website to see more of their work, click below:

Deel Deel Deel

Wil je het nieuwe lied ‘Deel deel deel’van doorgeefwinkel het Deelboz horen?

Klik dan op deze link.

Vlogs of my tour with Shannon Lyon

Here we are! In the space of three weeks Shannon Lyon, BJ Baartmans and I have given sixteen concerts. It was a big deal for me and although it was only the third time for me I managed very well. Life on the road can be tough. I made a short video for each day we were on the road. You can view these vlogs now in a special playlist…enjoy!

Stop police!

I never thought I’d hear myself in a television series but alas it has happened!

The song ‘In all honesty’ from the album ‘The lights behind’ (Shannon Lyon with backing vocals Elly Kellner) can now be heard in the Canadian Police series ‘Rookie Blue’. They are already in season 6 and in episode 3 you can hear us singing smoothly and gently 🙂

You can watch the episode here by clicking the photo below (sadly, people from the Netherlands are unable to watch it).ROOKIEBLUECANREN


Girl from Manitoba

The last couple of weeks have been interesting and boring at the same time. My computer had a serious breakdown and was in the hospital for over three weeks. Luckily the doctor, my dear brother, was able to fix the machine and save all the files on there. I had been working on a nice project for Shannon Lyon. I sang backing vocals on his song ‘Girl from Manitoba’ and I was in the process of making a video for it too. Now…I finally got to finish it 🙂 A song and video to welcome Springtime in 🙂

Special thanks to all the lovely girls & ladies and Kolder, Café Helene, Quist Bookshop, Vijf Wijzen, Les Vedettes Café Culturel

Song taken from Shannon Lyon album LOST CREEK (2015) featuring Elly Kellner, Mike Roelofs and BJ Baartmans. There is also a Canadian version of this video, check it out here.

You don’t belong here

Another sweet tune by Shannon Lyon. You can hear my backingvocals again on this one, enjoy! Thumbs up if you like 🙂 You can download the song here or listen to it via this:

Deugdelijk – Decent

Ellybellyrep: “This is my body, I am thankful that I have one and I am the one that decides what clothes I put on it. Everybody gets to be themselves!” You can download this song here:

“I’m distracted by that dress, is the back of the dress longer than the front!? And what sort of legging is that!? And those shoes! We’re only saying these things because we think your music is so good. If only you’d wear a small heel, doesn’t have to be a spiked heel, but a small heel and if you wore a sleeve you would have made it bigger in the music business already! Take Ella Fitzgerald as an example. She was a big lady too and she wore beautiful garments!”

Elly Kellner got this feedback after a concert in September 2014 from a man and a woman. First she listened to what they wanted to tell her and then she stood their sobbing. Elly is just a girl with a heart and a soul. An extremely musical, curvy woman, overweight yes, with chronic pains yes. She exercises, laughs, creates, eats healthy, eats unhealthy, she is all the colours of the rainbow and she wears the clothes that she wants. The astonishment after hearing the big focus on appearances and the advice to cover up her upper arms, resulted in a new song ‘Deugdelijk’ or ‘Decent’. Together with the Ellybellyrep Dancers a video was recorded and it has become a plea for ‘live and let live’ and Positive Body Image. ‘Deugdelijk’ is approached with humor the message is clear: “This is my body, I am thankful that I have one and I am the one that decides what clothes I put on it. Everybody gets to be themselves!”

Would you like to help by sharing this message?
Sharing = Caring

PS: The outfit that started all this off can be seen in the cow scene. Although Elly didn’t wear rubber boots on stage…

Ellybellyrep Dancers zijn:
– Elly Kellner
– Dorrit Withagen
– Lotte Jisdroon
– Emmely Tunders
– Anne van Eijck
– Marieke Alleman

Choreography: Emmely Tunders & Elly Kellner
Concept & Production: Elly Kellner
Music & Vocals: Elly Kellner

Filmed on 20th & 22nd November 2014 in the beautiful town of Bergen op Zoom (The Netherlands).

Special thanks to:
– Boerderijwinkel Den Hof:
– Fietsatelier Guldemond:
– Zwembad de Schelp:
– Drop-in Skateteam:
– Muziekwinkel De Waterput:
– Der Fantastische Fonz Plonz
– Michael Vrolijk
– José Zwiers

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