214/ Gallstones history 1

2018-12-13 Elly Striptekening 214.jpg

It’s official! Surgery is next week!


213/ What’s eating Taco?

2018-11-04 Elly Striptekening 213.jpg


When a person cuts off all communication with the person they’re dating, with zero warning or notice before hand. You’ll mostly see them avoiding phone calls, social media and avoiding them in public. Ghosting is not specific to a certain gender and is closely related to the subject’s maturity and communication skills. We simply cannot expect maturity from (a) Taco. Maybe I need to find some mature cheese next time.


209/ Light Therapy 4

2018-10-04 Elly Striptekening 209

In the Netherlands we call diet products light products; cola light, light cripps. Is that light therapy for you?

208/ Light Therapy 3

2018-10-04 Elly Striptekening 208.JPG

Light and airy is what we think you meant…

207/ Light Therapy 2

2018-09-27 Elly Striptekening 207

Come on, just focus on the light at the other end of the tunnel. That should work for you!