224/ Loving cock

2019-03-07 Elly striptekening 224.jpg

Hey, I am not trying to be rude throwing this loving cock into your timeline, not at all. I just want to put something out there about the difference between a loving cock and a mere lusty cock. Back in 2011, I hadn’t realized it has already been eight years, I was confronted with a man cheating on me and it shook me up so bad I decided I couldn’t be in a relationship anymore, that was way too scary! I spent some years enjoying casual one night stands and loved giving my body intimacy in this way. What lacked in this set-up was the deeper connection, the getting to know each others body and… love. For a while it was OK but in the long run my heart and soul started to yearn for the warmth, safety and comfort only a growing mutual love can offer.

Over time I was slowly able to open my heart up to the possibility of new love; I changed the way I dated and dared to be vulnerable again. Sure, in the years that followed I was confronted with my own old painful patterns, men that ghosted me or lovers that weren’t ready for a committed relationship. But my heart is strong and I kept on opening up instead of putting up a wall. When meeting my loving man things like personality traits, the twinkle in his eye, his kind heart and his smile are of course most important but I can’t neglect that sex remains important as well. So this drawing is an ode to the loving man with the loving cock!

On a side note: Did you know that the word cock – kok in Dutch means: chef/cook? Another great thing to find in a loving man: cooking skills! How lovely to be able to cook a meal together or to be surprised by a diner prepared with love. It isn’t so hard to be happy in these circumstances. I tell you, life feels quite great lately. I wish you all this and more ♥


223/ I love cats

2019-02-26 Elly striptekening 223.jpg

All my life I have felt immense love for cats, like I want to worship them. Whenever I meet a cat in the street I always say hi and a lot of the time they say hi back and/or they come to me for a quick cuddle. As a child I loved making drawings of cats and as a teenager I had posters on my walls of cats, exercise books with cats on the covers and so on. I really cherish these creatures. Want to know why? Head on over to this blogpost ♥

Living from a frame of love

2018-06-23 Elly (1)a.jpgHere I am playing a game of checkers I realize more and more that the dating ‘game’ is most likely not for me, even if I’ve tried it a gazillion times in the past and will probably feel the need to try again sometime in the future, right now I am done with it.

There is space in my life for people who have humor and positivity. Who are able to communicate openly about their feelings, who respect my feelings, my boundaries and who enjoy an in depth conversation in which we simply get to know ourselves better, (which to me is the reason why we are alive at all). People who can appreciate when you give them your precious time, energy, attention and tender love and who live and let live without shame or too much prejudice.

To me these things above are so basic. It is so simple. I didn’t pick up these things in my youth, I had to teach myself to try live from this frame of love. Because I deserve that, others deserve this love & respect and it feels good to act according to these values. I will stick to them even if someone is unable to understand my kindness. Even if someone does not seem able to meet me halfway I will still answer with kindness and respect. Because that is what I am: love. And it makes me feel good inside.

I wish you a light day with the sun rays on your face giving little touches of love.

139/ VIDEO – I am a mountain

Yay, I have another video for you, this time I’m showing you how I add color to my comic with ecoline and then how I edit my image digitally afterwards. Also I speak about dating and men, so that is quite exciting. Have a peek or a peak and enjoy! ♥